Biggest Reason to Be a Cam Model

If I had to select one reason that I decided to become a cam girl, it would have to be independence. I was living with my boyfriend (who was a douche, and he was sleeping with my best friend) and was completely dependent on him financially. That feeling of being totally helpless and not being able to take care of myself was humiliating and dignity-draining.

I had considered working as a waitress for a while, but when I compared it to being a cam girl, it just didn’t compare at all. I could make way more money as a cam model, and I could do it entirely from home. Waiting tables is not something that seemed attractive to me, especially since I’m very comfortable with my sexuality and have no problem with expressing it online in front of strangers.


I think my personality is extremely compatible with being a webcam girl, so it’s no surprise that I chose camming as a way to achieve my independence from my ex boyfriend. Like I said, sex is something I’m very comfortable with, and I’m an exhibitionist, so it just makes total sense for me.

If you’re like me, then you’d probably do quite well as a cam model too, but there are some things you need to be aware about before you start camming. First thing is, you need to understand that explicit images and videos of you WILL make it out there onto the internet and you will need to be okay with that. If you expect to do something high-profile in the future career-wise, you may need to think carefully about this.

Also, you need to know that being a cam girl is not about just sitting on your butt all day in front of your webcam. It involves a lot of off-camera activity too, such as social media marketing, talking with regulars via text and on Skype, and doing general promotion for your brand. A lot of this can be outsourced, but you will have to talk a lot with regulars when you’re off cam. Actually, that is probably how I spend most of my work time — just talking to regulars.

Don’t get me wrong, camgirling is so much better than waitressing or doing just about anything else I can think of. But just keep all this in mind so your expectations are reasonable.


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